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9. Wait one day for the merchant to translate the diagrams. / Collect the translated diagrams from the Ofieri merchant. Return to him the next day (you can use meditation) and you will receive four diagrams from him: Diagram: Ofieri boots, Diagram: Ofieri sharovary, Diagram: Ofieri scale armor, and Diagram: Ofieri gauntlets. After a great deal of searching, the witcher found the stolen ...There's a body that you can loot at a crossing over the water south of the mill. The body holds a key which you can use on two chests, one in the cabin near the mill and one chest on the bottom of water near the body. Does anybody know how to open the door in the mill itself? Excellent thanks! Yeah i couldn't get inside the mill either.

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One chest in a basement near the mill. The other underwater near a bridge. The one in the basement is part of a treasure hunt. The one underwater is either a treasure hunt or side quest I cant remember. User Info: dacai. dacai 6 years ago #8. Thanks chaoswolf, found it. Same key also unlocks the underwater chest near the body.Head to the abandoned distillery on Hail Hill located south of where you find the Pimpernel. 11: Once you get to the Distillery, enter the cave. There will be 3 Alghouls on the hill above the distillery. 12: Enter the cave and kill the Cyclops. 13: …

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In the middle of the fields, an old, ruined mill stands, a constant reminder of what was, and how the horrors that now wander the meadows day and night keep the villagers from tending to the leas. There is a fireplace at the foot of the ominous building and climbing the rickety path of boards and barrels, one can reach the very top of the mill. The vista of the fields in all their glory is ...The Witcher 3: White Orchard's Undiscovered Locations. Undiscovered Locations in The Witcher 3 can be split into self-explanatory categories: Monster Nests, Guarded Chests, Bandit Camp, Abandoned ...

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Map of White Orchard North Map - The Witcher 3. Open Image in new Tab. 01 Mill. 02 Hidden Treasure. Chest is under the water, key is on dead body near. Use this key also in (03) 03 House. For Temerian Valuables Quest. Enter house.1 near signpost Abandoned Village: Yrden- East and Slightly South, guarded by a Level 6 Bear. 1 near signpost Sawmill: Axii- gaurded by a Level 7 Wraith, directly North of the Herbalist and Quest-giver of On Death's Bed (side quest directly linked to main questline) There are 5 in Velen and Novigrad combined: 1 near signpost Lornruk (NW of ...

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This quest can fail before it begins, a ghoul sometimes spawns by the nearby abandoned hut, and it will sometimes attack and kill both Vesna and her harassers. If this happens the quest never becomes available. This bug has been fixed in some versions by making the Ghoul cease to spawn for as long as the quest isn't completed. Exploit: After ...Lucian's Windmill is a location in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Lucian's Windmill is located northeast of Widow's Grotto and northwest of Drahim Castle. Lucian's Windmill Information "Lucian le Foix, the famous Oxenfurt sculptor and architect, bought this windmill several years ago and made itinto his country retreat.

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The de la Croix family never had much luck in business. Their grapevines fell victim to Duke Adam of Nazair's attempts to regulate the flow of the Sansretour and their olive groves were devoured by a plague of armored scale insects. After this, they restored their old water mill, counting on the production of bread to be their ticket to success. And it nearly was – until they found out the ...How to get into Lornuk castle? [Solved] :: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt General Discussions. Content posted in this community. may not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Don't warn me again for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Enter the Abandoned House next to Ramsmeat's House that the Thug marked on your map and you will be attacked by him and a bunch of his cronies. After you have killed the bandits speak to the Half-Elf. She will thank you for rescuing her and will ask to meet you later in the nonhuman district. Speak to the Half-Elf again in her home.You can start this quest by finding Professor Vairmont a.k.a. Gustavo in the crypt which can be accessed through the sewers in Novigrad. These are the same part of the sewers that you explore during "A Dangerous Game" quest while chasing Duke, so it is best to do these two quests at the same time.

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You can get the wine for free in one of the houses near the priest. You can never really explore the mill. Vesna will wait in front of it. If you manage to talk to her before, I guess, 22 or midnight, and give her wine, you will get card. If it's dusk an she's not there, you probably missed your chance.Enter the Inn and kill the thugs harassing Shani. Take the Key from the innkeeper's body. Use the Key to enter the Salamandra Hideout in the abandoned hut west of the Inn. You will have to kill the two Salamandra Lackeys guarding it. Kill all the Salamandra inside and click on the trapdoor.

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Go to the abandoned home north west of Svorlag. 6: Enter the house and use your Witcher Sene to find Cerys. You will find a set of footprints in front of the door. Follow them. 7: Head back into the house. Enter the first room to the right. You will find the key at the back of the furnace. 8Let us know! Background. Inside the Abandoned Temple to the Prophet Lebioda in Toussaint North (Exit A), you'll encounter the Great Beggar's Ghost (#1). You'll have to knock down a breakable door (using your weapon or Aard) to get to it. After defeating the ghost, you'll find the Bones of the Great Beggar on a skeleton on the floor next to it.

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The Witcher Walkthrough - Act 1: Main Quest - Catching the ... 17 Apr 2012 ... This part of the larger The Witcher guide will cover the final prep for the main quest. This includes ... You need to go ahead and talk to the Reverend. ... Her house is over by the inn in an abandoned village. .... Take her along with you through the ruins of the outskirts and report in to Mikul at the Mill Gate.The tower will show up when you finish the Family Matters quest. (easter egg!) But yeah I found the tower, wanted to get in or climb it and couldn't. Then was like Oh hey I've been here when the quest finished. Share a bag of potato chips and we all become friends! User Info: …